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Zapisz Zapisz

About Me

How can I help you solve your problems?

I’m an experienced CTO and distributed systems architect with experience growing startup and early-stage growth companies to deliver tangible business objectives and revenue. Over my career I’ve started several companies and have developed technology products trusted by national brands including the American Heart Association, WGBH, Staples, andthe Chicago Marathon.

In one way or another I’ve been developing software since 1982, and its been my profession for over 25 years now.  During that time I’ve come to realize that the thing I do best is helping people solve problems that are too big with insufficient resources.  If you have a $2M complicated problem that’s confounding you, maybe I can help you turn it into a $50K problem that seems simple in retrospect.  I can also help you get that $50K problem knocked out, but so can anyone else.  I can help with design and system architecture, PCI or other compliance audits, technical due diligence, and even help your team refine their methodologies to move faster and easier in the future.